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Data bank could ensure early intervention research for years to come

AN eight-year study into the effectiveness of early intervention programs in an historically disadvantaged community in Ireland could have research implications that last a lot longer than the original study. Funded by Atlantic Philanthropies and the Irish Government, the experimental evaluation of the Preparing for Life early childhood intervention in a community in Dublin, Ireland, is now reaching […]

Work on teens profiled

The work of the Parenting and Family Support Centre’s Dr Kylie Burke and Dr Cassandra Dittman has been profiled in Campus Review, a publication which connects readers across Australian research institutions. In an article for Campus Review, as well as in an audio interview available on the Campus Review website, Dr Burke talks about how effective parenting […]

Ireland and the population-level effect: How schools were the key to reaching those most in need

Brief interventions played a major role in the success of a population-level delivery of the Triple P system in the Irish Midlands, the director of the partnership involved in the rollout, Conor Owens, told this year’s Helping Families Change Conference (HFCC) in Amsterdam. The Longford Westmeath Parenting Partnership made Triple P available free to all parents […]

‘We need to turn wishful thinking to help the lives of children into a public funding priority to support the skills of parents’

In a world where the well-being of children is a priority, preparing for parenting would become something people aspire to, not something associated with stigma, Professor Matt Sanders, founder of the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program, told delegates at this year’s Helping Families Change Conference in The Netherlands. In such a world, evidence-based parenting […]

Bryan Samuels: Why removing a child from harm’s way should not simply mean ‘case closed’

The University of Chicago’s Bryan Samuels during his presentation to this year’s Helping Families Change Conference at Beurs Van Berlage  in Amsterdam. Mounting evidence of the cumulative effects of complex trauma, toxic stress and adverse childhood experiences has helped shift the way that child support services are delivered across a number of US states, this […]

The quest for glycemic control in children with type 1 diabetes. Can a parenting intervention such as Triple P help?

Parenting interventions such as Triple P have been shown to reduce mental health problems in children. But can a parenting intervention moderate the impact of type 1 diabetes in children as well as improve their mental health and wellbeing? Two separate studies into the effects of Triple P – one conducted by a team across […]

Japanese researcher’s background as a nurse eventually leads her to publish on Triple P

Dr Rie Wakimizu is an Associate Professor from the University of Tsukuba in Japan. She was part of an interdisciplinary group whose study on the effects of Group Triple P for families raising preschool or school-aged children with developmental disabilities adds to the growing Triple P evidence base in Japan. In this translated version, Dr Wakimizu explains […]